TJ Maxx

Located adjacent and under the Queensboro bridge at 59th Street and 1st Avenue, this newly renovated TJ Maxx accommodates approximately 35,000 sf of retail floor space.

The 4,000 sf glass and steel pavilion at the plaza level was restored, and finished to suit the TJMaxx brand, with new power actuated doors incorporated for ADA requirements.

The sales area was expanded at the lower level requiring the relocation of extensive base building duct trunks and sprinkler/standpipe mains to achieve the desired retail floor headroom. Approximately 6,000 sf of new stone flooring was closely integrated with the existing, and gradually pitched to maximize the ceiling height. Extensive lighting and controls were added within the elaborately coffered ceilings both as surface mounted and cove light fixtures. Upgrades for this flagship store include polished stone floor for the entire sales floor as well as exposing the concrete columns for the 59th Street Bridge to enhance the display design.

Project Name: TJ Maxx
Project Location: New York, New York
Owner: TJX Companies
Project Type: Retail, Renovation
RCDolner Role: General Contractor
Architect: Howell Belanger Castelli Architects