Stop & Shop

With an accelerated schedule of just 26 weeks, RCDolner constructed a new, 80,000-square-foot supermarket around an existing store in full operation. With the existing market still open for business, the new store was built in two phases.

First, construction was begun around the existing store, with a higher-than-existing foundation. When power to the existing store was interrupted, generators were in place so the store could remain open. Also, subgrade ventilation was added, since the site had long ago been a truck stop and hazardous gasses were trapped below.

The second phase involved closing the first store for complete demolition. It was then that the additional space was constructed. All in all, the shoppers at the Stop & Shop were barely inconvenienced and downtime was minimal.

There was also offsite road work to accomplish, including installation of turn lanes and new traffic signal. Citizens groups from the town of Fairfield and state officials all needed to be satisfied, and in the end were pleased with RCDolner’s innovative solutions to many construction constraints.

Project Name: Stop & Shop
Project Location: Fairfield, Connecticut
Owner: Stop & Shop Supermarkets
Project Type: Retail
RCDolner Role: Construction Manager
Architect: Sumner Schein Architects & Engineers