Food Emporium

In the lower floors, above and below grade, of one of Manhattan's most historically significant landmark residential buildings, The Ansonia, RC Dolner constructed a brand new, 25,000 square foot supermarket. In addition to the challenges of building a new supermarket, including two new elevators, in the basement of one of the city's oldest apartment buildings, RC Dolner had to relocate and replace all electrical, steam and plumbing in the basement.

This work had to be completed without inconveniencing the hundreds of people who call The Ansonia home. Excavation and removal of the existing subcellar flooring was required in order to install the extensive underground plumbing and drainage required by the new supermarket. Beneath the Ansonia's hundred year old foundation was bedrock.

This had to be excavated by hand, as there was no way to move machinery into the basement of the site. While digging the new elevator pit, contaminated soil and water were encountered, necessitating the quick construction of the pit, waterproofed from the outside.

Project Name: Food Emporium
Project Location: New York, New York
Owner: Food Emporium
Project Type: Retail
RCDolner Role: General Contractor
Architect: Rosenbaum Design Group