Costco Wholesale

On two levels, this 150,000-square-foot Price Costco store incorporates a number of features not commonly found in big-box retail structures. Standard freight and passenger elevators, cart escalators and a trailer lift were all required. On a seven-acre industrial site, RCDolner removed and relocated functioning railroad tracks before erecting the heavy steel framed structure on a pile foundation system.

Despite design and program complexities, RCDolner ran a 24 hour schedule to complete the building in just 6 months, on budget. Flexibility, efficiency and know-how helped RCDolner satisfy all of the client’s needs, including a tight deadline.

Project Name: Costco Wholesale
Project Location: Brooklyn, New York
Owner: Costco
Project Type: Retail
RCDolner Role: General Contractor
Architect: Mulvaney Partnership