Roosevelt Hotel

This famous hotel in the middle of Manhattanís Midtown district has over 1,000 guest rooms and considerable historical significance. It began as a high-end hotel, but had gradually declined in stature to become an SRO. Owned by the government of Pakistan through their national airline PIA, it was restored to its original grandeur with a complete renovation of all public and private spaces.

RCDolner faithfully restored the hotelís entrances and public spaces, including the grand multilevel lobby with its marble floor and sweeping double stairs. Lounges and ballrooms were renovated and once again are the setting for nightly black-tie events. The hotel kitchens and windows are completely new, as are the life support , MEP, and elevators systems.

Project Name: Roosevelt Hotel
Project Location: New York, New York
Owner: Pakistani International Airways
Project Type: Hosptality
RCDolner Role: General Contractor
Architect: William B. Tabler Architects