Studio 54

The legendary disco that defined New York nightlife for an entire generation was completely renovated in just six weeks to serve a state of the art Broadway performance venue. Operating on an around the clock schedule, RCDolner demolished the interior of the building and created a new theater, with no drawings of existing conditions.

In addition to the construction of the auditorium and performance areas, a new air conditioning system was installed and plumbing, fire alarm and electrical systems were significantly upgraded.

The breakthrough pace of the project, together with the fact that there were no drawings to refer to in demolition, required RCDolnerís trademark handís-on approach to construction management. Two skilled teams were scheduled 24 hours a day, seven days a week to complete the project in time for the curtain to go up on a major Broadway show.

Project Name: Studio 54
Project Location: New York, New York
Owner: WYS Design Partnership
Project Type: Entertainment & Exhibition
RCDolner Role: Construction Manager
Architect: Allied Partners