David H. Koch Theater

The David H. Koch Theater (fka The New York State Theater and renamed in 2009) is located on the south side of the Lincoln Center Plaza. As a joint effort between the New York City Ballet and the New York City Opera, both of which call the theater home, the theater was refurbished in a three-phase renovation.

The first phase, completed in November of 2008 and in time for the NYC Ballet Nutcracker performance, included demolition of the existing orchestra pit and structural reinforcement for the installation of a new platform to house the future orchestra pit lift system.

The second phase, included an upgrade of the electrical infrastructure, theatrical lighting system and HVAC to the support various systems including new stage rigging, new stage lighting, and upgrades to the projector room, follow spot room, and control rooms. An entire new state-of-the-art media suite was also installed which included the latest audio and visual technologies.

In the final phase, the orchestra pit lift system was installed, as well as all new finishes, new seating, new carpet, new lighting, wall covering, and paint. Added late to the final phase was the installation of two new aisles at the Orchestra level, refurbishment of the back stage dressing rooms and a complete renovation of all public restrooms.

After the successful renovation of the Koch Theater, RCDolner continues to work on an equal mix of upgrades to the auditorium lobbies and patron facilities, as well as continued upgrades and modernization to the buildings electrical and mechanical infrastructure. This includes additional lighting new state of the art dimming system including all new electrical infrastructure for all of decorative and main curtain wall lighting in the main entrance lobby and amenities throughout the theater and common public spaces, installation of the new lighting truss rigging system at the stage, upgrading of all the chorus room lighting, creation of a new Ballet Wardrobe room inclusive of laundry facilities spanning over 3 floors.

Photography by Elliott Kaufman

Project Name: David H. Koch Theater
Project Location: New York, NY
Owner: New York City Ballet, Inc
New York City Opera, Inc
Project Type: Theatre, Renovation
RCDolner Role: Construction Manager
Architect: JCJ Architecture
Architect: tonychi and associates