Dance Theater Workshop

The new home for the creative NYC dance group, Dance Theater Workshop, is located in the lower four floors of the structure. The program includes a theater, cafe, dance studios, office space, and a roof terrace. The new high profile, 180-seat theater will have a large stage platform, exceptional audio capabilities, and complex lighting controls that promises to be an exciting destination for dance patrons.

Chelsea has transformed from a dominantly commercial area to a residential neighborhood over the last decade. The tower above the DTW space will contain twelve 2,500 to 2,900 sf condominiums with ribbon windows and terraces with wood capped metal railings. A rooftop terrace with great views will be available to the tenants.

Project Name: Dance Theater Workshop
Project Location: New York, New York
Owner: Dance Theater Workshop 219 W19 Development
Project Type: Entertainment & Exhibition
RCDolner Role: Construction Manager
Architect: Rawlings Architects