American Securities

This project was comprised of two floors of offices and a trading room area for a securities investment firm. Construction included the installation of a treated-finish steel convenience stair, significant supplemental A/C, structural reinforcing, three private toilets, a shower, drywall ceilings, glass office fronts, artisan plaster and stone finishes.

The executive boardroom features built-in Audio/Visual cabinetry, light dimming controls, wood paneling, stone countertops, sound absorbent ceiling system and fabric wrapped panels.

Also included were the installation of a new communications and data center, including supplemental cooling and UPS systems which would allow the tenant to operate the existing and new trading operations simultaneously. A pre-action sprinkler system was utilized for additional protection of the server room.

Project Name: American Securities
Project Location: New York, New York
Owner: American Securities LLC
Project Type: Commercial Interior
RCDolner Role: Construction Manager
Architect: Byrns, Kendall & Schieferdecker Architects