RCDolner is a privately held limited liability company. The three partners, Roger Chartouni, Anthony Dolce and Stuart Koshner, maintain a constant presence on every project.

With a shared history in diverse areas of construction and development, the partners' combined experience in the industry stretches over 90 years and boasts an impressive roster of accomplishments.

Throughout their experience, each member recognizes the importance of accessibility and accountability, attributing their direct interaction as the key to a successful construction process. Therefore, building a firm where each partner actively participates in this process was essential to the creation of RCDolner.

Every project entrusted to RCDolner is the responsibility of one of the firm's partners. A project executive is also assigned to oversee the project's daily progression. Each partner acts as an integral participant in his particular project, and maintains direct communication with the client.

Our commitment to client communication creates an enduring professional relationship built on respect, cooperation and integrity. Furthermore, by relying on all members of participating organizations to effectively interact with one another, we strive to promote a shared objective and understanding of the overall project.

Talented and motivated project managers, superintendents, estimators, engineers and support personnel ensure the realization of a project and the success of our organization. Our staff professionals are handpicked to provide a superior level of service and dedication. Each project is assigned a specific team whose members oversee the process from pre-construction through completion and turnover.

In order to provide the most complete level of service, the partner-in-charge and project executive formulate a team of professionals whose experience is best suited to the specific requirements of the work.