RCDolner Team wins FIATECH 2010 CETI Award

New York, NY - The RCDolner Construction, Theometrics and Polo Electric team have been awarded the Celebration of Engineering and Technology Innovation (CETI) award at FIATECH 2010. Virtual Design and construction, building information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) technologies have had significant acceptance in recent years. The team has taken this technology one step further by creating a Hybrid solution to achieve results never before attainable. Utilization of this new technology allowed the seamless installation of the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural steel through the use of this BIM based technology.

RCDolner Construction contracted with Theometrics for its electronic precision measurement and layout technology that brings BIM to the field. It provides the speed and accuracy of BIM and Computer Aided Design (CAD). It allows the layout of construction work directly from the digital drawings or models and eliminates the need for tape measures, string and paper blueprints.

RCDolner Construction supplied the dimensional quality control and risk mitigation services for the David H. Koch Theater renovation.

Talking about the CETI Award, Anthony Dolce of RCDolner said, "This was a winner application. It was performed by a "top notch" team. The benefits to the project were huge."

RCDolner Construction continues to utilize this technologically advanced system on many projects with great success.

FIATECH Conference will be held in Austin, Texas at the end of March, 2010.